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GUN – Neues Album der Schotten und drei Videosingles!

Die hochgeschätzten Schottenrocker GUN („Word Up“, „The Only One“) laden nach. Im Lauf haben sie Studio Album Nummer 7.

Hier die ersten 3 Singles des neuen Albums „Favourite Pleasures“ welches am 15..09.2017 über Caroline International/Universal veröffentlicht.

Hier der offizielle Pressetext:

GUN’s seventh studio album, ‚Favourite Pleasures‘ – out on September 15th – stands proudly alongside the very best of their work.
Informed by a back-to-basics approach tempered by an innate sense for melody, the record was made in the band’s own Morse Code studios in Paisley. It’s an album that dances on a knife-edge, one that can turn on a single note from the raw pain of emotions hitting the rocks, to an unbridled celebration of hedonism.
From the pile-driving opener ‘She Knows’ to the infectious, glam-stomping of ‘Here’s Where I Am’, this is the GUN you know and love.
But there’s a new GUN here too – ‘The Boy Who Fooled The World’, resplendent in naked honesty, is a little-seen look at another side of the band as they go back to a time of innocent ambition, hungry to break out and seize the world. They don’t hold back and neither will you.“We wanted to go back to our rockier roots and I think we’ve achieved that,” says frontman Dante Gizzi. “GUN will always have tons of melody – over the years that’s been instilled in us and it’s what we love and we love playing those songs live – but I think with this one, we’ve become tougher.”

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